Double Pleasure in Shiny Layered Pantyhose And a Big Dildo


I’ve been layering pantyhose more than often lately. I really like the subtile feeling of the two fabrics rubbing against each other all over my skin, it’s a lot of fun. Add to that the double shine and the double treat of unwrapping my legs two times and you got my new addiction! In this video I wear my new favs ultra glossy Cecilia-De-Rafaelle 15Denier covered by an other model I particularly affectionate the shiny footless dance tights from AA… Continue reading

Fancy Fur and Some Memorable Cuban Heel Pantyhose


I love playing with different textures and fur is my favorite thing to have directly on my skin, after nylon and spandex off course…lol This fur soft caress combine with the familiar tightness of the pantyhose was so arousing, I love every minute of it. I felt like a diva or a queen and it’s this expression of self control that I have all set long.

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Spanking, Tickling and Forced Orgasm In Sheer Pantyhose


You know that I’m a kinky girl right? And as kinky girl I love games and role play so in my latest video I went somewhere I never took you before… I’m totally submissive to my man, the one and only who can make ┬áme obey. I spanked me real hard but I liked it and the orgasm he gave me was wonderful :) Off course all tied up like that he could not resist tickling me until I beg him to stop…

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Tropical Dreams in Sheer Pantyhose


On my last day on the wonderful Cuba, we’ve decided to take a long walk by the beach… The soft feel of the wind and the pretty shine of my pantyhose were perfect on the beautiful white sandy beach. An other magic moment in a breathtaking location… Continue reading

Pink Lighting and Intense Pleasure in Shiny Sheer Pantyhose

I’m sure you too will fall in love with these gorgeous pantyhose that truly feel awesome but look even more incredible… The lavender shade is very subtile and as it is a pretty rare color I enjoy it even more…


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Making a Splash in My Lime Spandex Tiny Shorts


Beautiful sandy beach, clear ocean waters, tanned skin and super tight spandex shorts, do I need to say more?

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Foamy Floor Cleaning in Sexy Sheer Wet Pantyhose and Apron


Do you have the sexy housewife fantasy? Do you enjoy looking at a pretty woman, bent on the floor, sweating at scrubbing the dirty floor? The latest video update at is all that and much more…

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Tease in Blue Dress on the Wooden Walkway


In this week’s photo update I’m not wearing any nylons, no spandex and even no shoes. It’s just me showing up my long bare legs in the wooden walkway next to the beach. My skin is tanned and my sexy feet are all sandy…

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Mirror, Mirror



Enjoy more of my deliciously wet pussy and nylon covered legs with that stunning photo set where I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror on the floor. The black opaque nylon bodysuit with open crotch is the perfect fit to expose my pinky aroused pussy and with these sexy black boots with very heels my legs looks even longer…

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Soft Footjob in Ultra Sheer leggings

2014-01-27-footjob Copy-6

“For all of you feet and butt lovers, I’m offering an oily footjob to my man. In that sexy position, with the butt up, who can resist to cum on my soft soles? I know you can see my pussy through the thin nylon fabric of my sheer leggings and it’s arousing…xxx”

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